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The Town of Liverpool offers the perfect setting for a major event: a brand new recreation facility, a pool of dedicated volunteers and a proud, vibrant community.

But Liverpool had a problem – no one knew about all of the exciting changes that the town had undergone. To address this problem, a group of community-minded volunteers got together and decided they needed to develop a plan to showcase all that their town had to offer and bring more visitors to their region.

That’s when they called us.

Events Nova Scotia went to Liverpool to learn everything we could. We spoke to hotel operators, restaurant owners, sports enthusiasts and community volunteers and we kept hearing the same thing– Liverpool has a lot to be proud of.

We worked with the group to identify their goals for the community; the types of events they would like to host, the best features the town had to offer, the areas and sectors where the region had the most strength.  We wanted to know their vision for Liverpool right now, in six months, and in six years.

Together, we developed the Liverpool Events Strategy. A vision for how Liverpool can market itself to the rest of the world and attract events, large and small, that will benefit the community, its businesses and its people.

Building on that strategy and the overwhelming community pride of local volunteers, Events Liverpool was born.  With a solid strategy in place and a group ready to make it happen, the Town of Liverpool has all the right tools to independently attract and host world-class events.

In November 2012, Liverpool hosted Nova Scotia Music Week and in 2014 they will host the Junior Curling Championships. As for the months and years to come, the opportunities are endless.

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